> 2018 Summer Staff Important Dates

2018 Summer Staff Important Dates

Tentative Summer 2018 Staff Dates

The summer camping season is divided into 4 sections: Coordinator Orientation, Programmer/Health Care Team Orientation, All Staff Orientation and Camping Sessions. The dates listed below are the dates when training begins, please arrive the night before so that you can get settled into your room and ready to start training at 8:30am the next morning. For example, for New Counsellors All Staff Training begins on June 13th at 8:30am so staff are encouraged to arrive on the night of June 12th. 

Each position at camp has a different start date depending on the position so read the next sections carefully!

Ropes Training:

May 31-June 5:  Ropes, Games and Rec Programmer and Outdoor Pursuits Programmer complete ropes certification.

Programmer and Health Care Team Orientation:

June 8-June 10:  All programmers and RNs begin training

All Staff Orientation:

June 12: Return Staff begin training Return Staff Orientation.
June 13-18: New Staff Counsellors begin training All Staff Orientation. Programmers, the Health Care Team and all counsellors participate in All Staff Orientation which will teach staff everything they need to know before campers arrive!
June 22-26: All Staff Training continues (includes New Camper Weekend).

You can find a list of 2018 Camp Session Dates here. After the end of year clean up, summer staff leave camp on Aug 14th, 2018.