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Alumni Camp Staff

Over the years, BC Easter Seals have been fortunate to have so many amazing camp staff.  Upon completion of their formal employment at camp, many of them stay involved in our program in various ways.  These Camp Alumni Staff have contributed greatly to the direction and future of our program.  Contributions have ranged from word of mouth advertising to fundraising to helping out at orientation to volunteering at camp.  The dedication and enthusiasm of the camp alumni staff has been astonishing, and is a concept that we want to formalize and promote in the coming years.

In conjunction with a Masters Research Project, we conducted research to determine how Alumni Camp Staff can best support BC Easter Seals Camps.  An explanation of this research can be viewed in this presentation.

BC Easter Seals Camp Alumni from BC Easter Seals on Vimeo.

The outcome of this research indicated the need and desire to create a camp alumni staff council. We have put together a camp alumni staff council who work together to support BC Easter Seals Camps.

For more information about being part of the Camp Alumni Council, please click here.