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Behaviour Support Plans

Behaviour Support Plans at Camp:

At camp, it is our priority that all campers have a fun and safe time.  Sometimes, campers will need some extra support in ensuring they are part of creating the safe, warm and supportive environment we are striving towards. 

You may decide, or be requested by us, to send a Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) with your campers application. This plan is meant as a way for you to communicate with the camp staff the best ways to support your camper at camp.  We find that there are often specific words or techniques that are used at home or in school that really work for individual campers, and we would like to try and use that knowledge.  Some campers may need extra support in setting personal space boundaries, aggression, bullying, homesickness or non-compliance.

Obviously the camp environment is very different from both home and school and a lot of things that might work elsewhere might not work at camp.  We will do our best to implement the plan you send.  We find that the more involved the camper is in the plan the more successful it is. 

Once you have sent in the application with the BSP we might get in touch to clarify it further or to ensure we are all on the same page.  This will help to set the camper up for success from the beginning. 

Download the Behavior Support Plan here.