> Coordinators


Each camp has three camp coordinators who are directly responsible for the oversight, supervision, coordination, and participation at the BC Easter Seals Camps.  These include:

  • Head Coordinator 

  • Program Coordinator

  • Counselling Coordinator

  • LIT Program Coordinator (only at Camp Squamish)

Coordinators begin working part time in January (approximately 5-10 hours per week) to start hiring staff and volunteers for the summer.  Head Coordinators begin working full time in April, and assistant coordinators (program, counsellor and LIT) begin full time in early May.  Coordinators all attend a Coordinator Orientation at Camp Shawnigan in May. Coordinators live on site from June - August.  

Coordinating Team Responsibilities:

  • Create and define a camp atmosphere which reflects the BC Easter Seals Camping goals and objectives. 
  • Interview and hire summer counsellor/programming team.
  • Coordinate the volunteer program for each summer session.  
  • Coordinate with Camp Registrar and Director of Camping to plan and cater needs for each individual camper and camp sessions. 
  • Liaise with parents and camp group leaders before, during, and after camping sessions. 
  • Directly supervise and coordinate the efforts of the following personnel, including but not limited to: Health Care Team, Counselling Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Counsellors and Programming Staff. This includes contributing to the professional development of each staff member and addressing any concerns or misconduct. 
  • Establish and maintain an effective evaluation system for all programs and personnel, including: program areas, operational areas, health care, policies and procedures, seasonal staff, support workers and volunteers. 
  • Provide training and education for staff in accordance with the BC Easter Seals manuals, protocols, and values. 
  • Implement and maintain an effective model for behaviour support including ongoing review of camper behaviour that warrants early camper dismissal.
  • Know and work intimately with the following safety plans: Risk Management, Crisis Management, Emergency Evacuation, and Emergency Procedures. 
  • Oversee and maintain the summer Camp Programs budget with continued improvement in the efficient use of camp financial resources. 
  • Adhere to and implement the policies and procedures of the BC Easter Seals Camps 
  • Implement and monitor all health and safety procedures as they pertain to the complete supervision of all campers and staff. 
  • Implement and maintain the BC Easter Seals Camping process for reported child abuse, neglect, and accusation of misconduct. 
  • Compile a summary of the current season including inventories, staff evaluations, camper evaluations, and recommendations for the following season. 
  • Assist the Director of Camping in cultivating relationships and coordinating with health related professionals, service provision partners, ministerial and agency groups. 
  • Perform other duties as deemed necessary by the Director of Camping. 

Specific Position Information

Head Coordinator

Directly responsible for overseeing all aspects of the specific camp program. This person will work closely with the Director of Camping to hire the Program Coordinator and the Counselling Coordinator.  They will work closely with the Camp Nurse to manage health and safety at camp.  The Head Coordinator is responsible for ensuring reporting, budgeting and other administrative tasks are completed.

Counselling Coordinator 

Directly responsible for the counselling team at camp.  The Counselling Coordinator will provide support, guidance and direction to the counselling team.

Program Coordinator

Directly responsible for the programming team at camp.  The Program Coordinator will provide support, guidance and direction to the programming team.  

Leader in Training Program Coordinator 

The LIT Program Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the LIT program.   They, along with the two program leaders, will organize and plan an off-site canoe trip for 8 youth, as well as lead the on-site programs during the other sessions.