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Staff FAQs

What is a job at a BC Easter Seals camp like?

It is a job like no other!  It is fun, challenging, and rewarding beyond belief.  Working at camp is a magical experience!  You get the opportunity to live and work in a community for the summer with a group of people who are entirely dedicated to providing campers with the best week or their summer!

What is the application process to work at an Easter Seals Camp?

In the beginning of the year, we will post an application form to the website for each position.  You can apply and look forward to hearing from us within the next month or so. 

What is the application deadline?

There is no deadline - we will continue to accept and process applications until all the spots are filled.  Most staff apply by the end of March, but we have hired folks right up until June before, but the earlier you apply the better!

What prerequisites or qualifications are required for camp staff?

All Counsellors and Programmers are required to have the following before working at camp: Standard First Aid, CPR-C,  and a Criminal Record Check including a Vulnerable Sector Search (within six months of camp). Some of these can be obtained after being hired, but prior to pre-camp training. 

When are the dates posted for camping sessions?

These are posted at the beginning of January each year to the session dates page.

When is staff training?
Please see our Staff Dates Page.

Is there internet access at camp?

Yes, we do have wireless internet.

What do we do about exercise?

There are opportunities to exercise. Staff often love swimming or going for runs on rest break.

Can we go offsite during a camp session?

When camp is in session staff are required to be on-site 24/7.  That being said, staff are permitted to go off-site on ‘rest break’ for 45 minutes (4 staff maximum).  If arranged ahead of time with the coordinator, staff can also ‘steal’ the bus and take their campers offsite for a special ‘personal program’ (i.e. a treasure hunt followed by slurpees at 7/11) or go for a walk or hike.

Do we have any breaks during the day?

The days may seem long, but the summer flies by in the blink of an eye (time does fly when you're having fun, and at Camp, that is all we do!)  Each day, staff will get an hour rest break to relax, take a nap, go for a jog, or play hop-scotch.  Check out the typical day at camp descriptions.

What is orientation (what would we learn?)

Perhaps a better question is, what don’t we learn at orientation?
Orientation is an intense couple of weeks of learning anything you need to know about camp.  Specifically, staff will learn many tools for behaviour support, how to do proper lifts/transfers, how to run the various emergency procedures etc.  Staff will also have many opportunities to bond with the rest of their team through fun activities and team builders.  Staff will also be participating in some ‘empathy activities’ which may include spending 4 hours in a wheelchair or spending 4 hours wearing a blindfold.  

What kinds of disabilities do the campers have?

Our camps are open for campers with physical and/or mental disabilities.  We welcome campers who have cerebral palsy, spina bifida, downs syndrome, foetal alcohol syndrome, epilepsy, global developmental delay, muscular dystrophy, seizure disorder, autism spectrum disorder, prader-willi syndrome, visual impairments, hearing impairments, angelman's syndrome, williams syndrome and others.

What if I have never worked with people with disabilities before?

We are more interested in your open mind, creativity, energy and desire to be at the best place on earth than your specific experience. The orientation we provide is incredibly thorough and will provide you with the skills you need.

Would I have a use for musical instruments, costumes, etc at camp?

Musical instruments are always a hit at the campfires!  Camp does have some percussion instruments for the campers, and also a massive costume room that is packed full of fun costumes (but it is often nice to have your own secret stash!)  And we are always happy to have new contributions to the costume room!

Are counsellors expected to be involved in bathing and toileting of campers? What about programmers?

Counsellors are expected to meet the needs of their campers.  At some point in the summer, you will have campers who wear attends and require assistance with bathing and toileting.  This often makes new staff nervous if they have never experienced it before.  However, we do extensive training during orientation to help make staff feel more comfortable with personal care.  Often staff find that once they do it for the first time, it turns out not to be a 'big deal'.  Programmers will be helping out with personal care as well as needed.

What positions are available at camp?

See the Staff Positions

Do you ever hire people from outside of BC?  What about international staff?

Yes!  Absolutely!  We hire many staff from across Canada, and some international folks as well.  International staff generally need to apply a bit earlier in the season and they need to be able to get a visa that allows them to work with children. They also need to be able to obtain their visa with very little support from the camp coordinators.

Can we stay on site in between the camp sessions?

Yes!  Camp is your home for the summer and you can stay there during your days off.  Though many staff will chose to do staff outings (such as camping, trips into the city etc) some staff do choose to stay at camp during the breaks. 

Do we have to stay on site during breaks?

Nope.  These are your days off and you are free to go offsite as you please.  Many staff go on camping trips, or go home if they live close by.

What is the difference between a Programmer and Counsellor?  How will I know which I should apply for?

There are lots of differences between the role of a programmer and the role of a counsellor.  Please read the position information section. There is no doubt that both positions are fun, rewarding and challenging and most people who have the right attitude could be very successful in either position. Counsellors generally get a lot more face time with campers while programmers are more behind the scenes magic creators.  Programmers specialize in one specific area (like aquatics, arts and crafts, ropes etc). Programmers must be comfortable playing characters and being the center of attention for some parts of the day. Counsellors must be comfortable assuming primary responsibility for the care and safety of their campers each week.

If you are unsure which role you are better suited for, the coordinators who interview you will be able to help you decide which your first choice might be.     

Is camp really the best place on earth?

We sure think so!  And we know many campers and past staff think the same thing.

Where/When is orientation? 

Orientation starts in Winfield at the beginning of June for programmers and health care team members.   All Staff Orientation starts in the middle of June for all staff. 

Do we get paid for Orientation and days in between camps?

You will be paid for every full or part day you work.  This includes orientation.  Days off during the summer are not paid. See position information for wage details

What if I still have more questions?

Please get in touch with us!  We would love to hear from you.  Talking about camp is one of our favourite things to do!  E-mail camp@eastersealsbcy.ca or give a call 1-800-818-4483 and ask to speak with the Director of Camping.