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Information for Families

Who requires a Personal Support Worker (PSW)

Generally, the BC Easter Seals Camping program works with a 3:1 camper to staff ratio.  Campers and staff usually create a buddy group that includes 2 counsellors and 6 campers.  This buddy group spends most of the week together.  They sleep in the same dorm room, they eat at the same table and they attend many activities as a group.  When a camper requires personalized attention, for either physical or behavioural care needs, that goes beyond the 3:1 ratio of supervision offered by the buddy group, then a PSW is required.

Care ratios of campers change over time.  Sometimes the staff at camp will determine that a camper would be better supported in our program with a PSW.  If this is the case, families will be informed by the staff at camp, and/or by a letter from head office in the off-season.  If you are unsure if your camper needs a PSW, feel free to get in touch with the Director of Camping (camp@eastersealsbcy.ca or 1-800-818-4483).

If your camper is a new camper, and you are unsure if they may or may not need a PSW, please call and speak to the Camp Registrar (1-800-818-4483 or 604-873-1865)  

Requirements for being a PSW

BC Easter Seals Camps requires that all PSWs must be at least 17 years old.  PSW also must provide an original criminal record check including a vulnerable sector search.

Ideally the PSW should know the camper so as to best help integrate the camper into the camp programs while being able to address camper care needs as they arise.  Alternatively, former camp staff who know the routine and structure of camp can work with the camper to ensure they integrate into programs while having care needs met.

If you are looking for a PSW for your camper, send an email to camp@eastersealsbcy.ca with a short blurb about what you are looking for in a PSW and we'll send it out to a list of alumni staff who express interest in supporting a camper 1:1. Please include all pertinent information in your blurb as well as your contact info and the rate of pay for the position.