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Leaders in Transition (LIT) Program

Our Leaders in Transition (LIT) Programs are designed for young adults transitioning into adulthood, we started this program in 2003. Many of our participants are graduates of the Easter Seals camping program, and those new to Easter Seals with or without disabilities are also welcome. The aim of the program is to promote and facilitate leadership among participants who are 19-29 years old to leave camp feeling better equipped to meet their personal and/or professional goals. *The LIT Program is not intended specifically to facilitate a transition from the role of camper to camp staff. 

Our leadership programs operate under the following principles for leadership development: Challenge, Opportunity, Reflection and Discovery. We support participants to challenge themselves in developing personal and team goals, offer hands-on and activity-based opportunities to meet those goals, and integrate reflections on the successes and challenges met along the way.  We recognized how this process leads to great discoveries about hopes, dreams, interests and abilities throughout the week and leading forward into lives post-program! Our programs are also built to encompass the important themes of inclusion, diversity and accessibility. Being camp-based, we believe leadership is best achieved when having FUN!

We offer two different LIT programs: the Wilderness Challenge and 
the Camp Internship.                                            * Please carefully consider whether your goals are best suited to one of the LIT Programs described below or to our fantastic Young Adult Camp. 

Wilderness Challenge

During a 5-day canoe trip, LIT Challengers learn the ins and outs of canoe tripping, hiking and camping, including: camp cooking and dishwashing, setting up and taking down tents, wilderness safety measures, proper portaging techniques, fire building, and canoeing. Along the way, we integrate leadership activities into the experience based on our leadership program principles (Challenge, Opportunity, Reflection, Discovery and Fun). Challengers will be encouraged to think about their goals, and will need to bring their motivation to work for team and program goals as well. No past canoe trip experience is required as our staff are well trained in canoe tripping and safety. We are prepared to adapt the Wilderness Challenge LIT Program to meet many abilities.

The Wilderness Challenge Program has an LIT-to-staff ration of 5:1.

Camp Internship 

Our Camp Internship Program is based at Easter Seals Camp Squamish. Throughout the week, LIT Interns will have ample opportunity to develop their leadership skills through group activities and through lending their support to the Camp Squamish camping program. Leadership skills focused on include: teamwork and communication, goal setting, developing personal leadership styles, planning and leading activities, strategies for mentorship, and developing self-care awareness and skills. The program provides a fun, rewarding and memorable experience as well as skills and discoveries that are transferable to Interns’ daily lives and home communities. As the program is designed to assist Interns in meeting their goals, we strongly encourage Interns to carefully consider a set of personal goals for the program. As well, Interns will need to bring a motivated attitude and seek a sense of accomplishment in contributing to campers’ and teammates’ positive experiences of camp. Expect to be challenged and to have FUN! 

The Camp Internship Program has an LIT-to-staff ration of 5:1.



Our Leadership Programs are offered to youth aged 19 to 29. Our programs are open to:

 - Graduates from our BC Easter Seals camping program aged 19-29                                                                     - Young adults aged 19 - 29 with or without disabilities who have never been to our camping program 

The LIT Program is not an extension of the Easter Seals Camping Program, it is designed to offer persons with and without disabilities opportunity to build leadership skills that they can utilize in their lives and community. For this reason, the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities reserves the right to refuse any individual who is considered unsuitable for LIT Programs. This includes but is not limited to medically fragile individuals or individuals whose behaviour could endanger themselves or other participants. Our LIT Programs have a participant-to-staff ratio of 5-1. For this reason participants who require a high level of emotional and behavioural support may not be suitable for this program (we encourage you to consider our Young Adult Camp Program). Individuals with a physical disability who require a moderate to high level of personal care will be welcome to attend with a Personal Support Worker (PSW).

Application Process

The first step in the process used to determine an applicant’s suitability for the program is the application. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit an application by downloading the package and mailing it to the BC Easter Seals Camps Head Office. 

In addition to applying to the program, each applicant will be contacted by the LIT Program Coordinator in May or June for a phone or in-person interview. If you have any questions about the suitability of the program for yourself or your child please contact the Administrator of the Camping Program.

For more information about the application process, click here.

Applications will be available for our 2018 camping season on April 1st, 2018.


The cost of attending an LIT Program is $650 per participant. The program is not designed to generate revenue. Please note that payment must be made at the time of application. However, payments (cheque or credit card) will not be processed until a space in the program has been confirmed. Cancellation will result in a $100 processing fee if the participant cancels one month or more before the session start date. No refund will be given for cancellations within one month of session start date, unless the cancellation is for medical reasons and is accompanied by a doctor's note, in which case a full refund will be given. If you would like funding ideas to participate in this program please contact the camping administrator at: camp@eastersealsbcy.ca.