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New Camper Information

Every year we welcome new campers into our programs. Kids as young as 6 and young adults as old as 29 come to camp for the first time!

One way that we help campers and parents adjust to our programs is through our new camper weekend. This weekend, offered to campers aged 6-18, occurs in June at Camp Winfield. Campers arrive at around 5pm on Friday night, and leave on Sunday morning at 11am. This is an awesome opportunity to experience a mini camp session, especially for campers who have never been away from home before.

We use the New Camper Weekend as an opportunity to assess our campers needs and their suitability to our program. Parents are welcome to attend as Personal Support Workers (PSWs) for their campers for this session only. After the new camper weekend, the camp coordinators will discuss with you whether your camper will be most successful in our program with a personal support worker or not.

We welcome new campers to also come back for a full camp session later in the summer. If this is something that interests you, please select both the new camper weekend and your first choice for a full week session when registering.

New campers who can not attend new camper weekend for some reason are encouraged to speak with the camp registrar prior to registration. Please contact Jennifer, our Camp Registrar at campregistration@eastersealsbcy.ca.

We encourage you to peruse the What's Camp Like? section to get a taste of what camp is all about!

New Camper/Parent FAQs
We put together a special FAQ section for campers and families new to our program

Eligibility and Fees
Find out more about if your camper is the right fit for our program and how much camp costs.