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Spending a summer as a member of staff at a BC Easter Seals camp is a unique opportunity to share your energy, ideas and strengths/skills with kids who will, in turn, enrich your world.  As a summer opportunity, Camp offers a wealth of skills and experiences that you will carry with you throughout life.  Leadership, compassion, teamwork, creativity and commitment are valuable qualities in any employee - at camp you will demonstrate and develop these skills. Camp is a chance to live in a new and exciting environment, an active and rewarding way to spend your summer and a great experience!  For many, Camp is a stepping stone to careers in medicine, physiotherapy/occupational therapy, nursing, education and recreation...to name a few. 

As you have probably gathered, camp is a lot more than a summer job. Every individual who attends or works at camp finds it a positive, life-changing experience.  Camp teaches you to see strengths in every person; regardless of differences.  You also create many lasting and rewarding friendships, which carry on well after camp ends.  Working as a camp counsellor, lifeguard, nurse or programmer at a BC Easter Seals Camp is one of the best jobs on earth!

What we are looking for in our staff:

ENERGY:  We need staff to recognize that campers have different needs: excitement, enthusiasm, laughter, song and rest all require distinct energy levels.  Our staff need to set the energy tone for the campers so that camper needs are being met.  From drawing superheroes to organizing a fashion show to getting on your PJ's and reading a bedtime story, we look for staff who can create appropriate energy together with their campers! 

ATTITUDE:  At camp we talk about CAMPER FOCUS, the constant attention and awareness staff have about campers and programs. 'Anything’s possible' and ‘make it happen’ attitudes create experiences for campers to have a legendary week.  For many campers, this is the most important week of their year.

IMAGINATION:  At camp, we attempt to provide experiences for campers that they might never have done/heard/seen before.  Many campers (like the rest of us) lead pretty structured lives and don’t have the opportunity to try the activities we have at camp.  They need a staff that can see beyond their campers’ disabilities and create a way for campers to try anything:
-camping in the rain
-hunting for buried treasure
-impromptu dance parties
-pulling pranks
-swimming all day
STRESS MANAGEMENT:  Camp can sometimes be stressful (long hours/close working conditions).  It is a demanding job.  We need people who thrive in a high intensity work environment. Our staff prioritize self-care in their down time and can rise to the occasion when camp comes calling.

SENSE OF HUMOUR: Part of dealing with stress is having a good sense of humour.  You should be laughing the hardest if your campers manage to get you chucked in the lake even though you’re wearing your last pair of dry shorts.

EXPECTATIONS:  We have high expectations of our staff, because for a lot of campers this is the most important week of their whole year.  Campers come back for 10 years and more.  Staff have to push themselves hard, but if you have all these qualities this will be the best job you have ever had.  Many of our staff come back year after year! For more information about these positions, please select from the menu on the left.