> Staff and Volunteer Application Process

Staff and Volunteer Application Process

Application Process:

Staff and Volunteer Applications are available at the beginning of February.  The applications are online and will give applicants an opportunity to provide camp with some information about themselves, share their resume and show a bit of their creative side.

Camp coordinators will review the applications and start interviewing as soon as they are able. Generally they will contact you through email if they are interested in setting up an interview.  It might take a month or so before they are able to get an interview set up (or it might be the very next day in some cases!) 

Applications are reviewed, and interviews are conducted on an ongoing basis from February until June. That being said, we encourage you to apply early in the season as it can be quite a competitive process. We will try and set up an interview online through Skype or Google hangouts.  Again, you should be prepared to show a bit of your creative side!

After your interview, we will be contacting your references.  Please ensure you provide us with relevant employment references.  We require both email and telephone contact information for each of your references.

If we are interested in having you join our team, we will contact you!

Counsellor and Programmer application for Camp Winfield available here.

Registered Nurse application available here.

Volunteer application available here.