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Subsidy Guide


If your child has Downs Syndrome:


You may be able to find resources for assistance through Canadian Downs Syndrome Society - British Columbia contacts




For our Young Adult Campers


If you receive Direct Funding Respite - you are able to use it for Easter Seals Camps

See: http://www.communitylivingbc.ca/what_we_do/documents/DFSimplified-ManagingtheMoney.pdf



Tax Assistance


The fee that parents pay to send their child to camp is able to be submitted for tax purposes under line 370 - Children's Art Amount. Please See page 40 in the 2013 General Income and Tax Benefit Guide: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/5000-g/5000g-13e.pdf.



Service Clubs


There are many different service clubs in everyone's communities that are often willing to sponsor campers going to camp. Here are two organizations that we recommend you approach.


Kinsmen - Here is the directory of all of the Kinsmen Clubs in BC.http://www.kincanada.ca/find-a-club/?province=BC


Rotary - Here is a club finder to look up your local club.




Other Ideas


City Hall - Some people have had success with approaching their local city hall for sponsorship.


Ministry of Child and Family Development - Much of the information is only available to parents and guardians.





If you have any questions or concerns or even any other ideas or helpful tips for other parents please feel free to contact James Gagnon, our Director of Camping, at camp@eastersealsbcy.ca